Upcoming and Past Events

Welcome to the events page! Here one can find out about the many events, trips, and speakers that are put on by REAC and Rail Transportation Program (RTP).

Railroad Nights
Railroad Night is an important annual event for REAC and RTP. An event that began back in 2006, Railroad Night has turned into a major success for the program. It gives students and members who are interested in a future within the railroad industry a unique opportunity to meet and greet representatives from America's largest railroad companies such as CSX, Union Pacific, Norfolk Southern, Canadian Pacific, Canadian National, and many more.

Field Trips
The classroom won't teach it all, so field trips form an important basis for the club. Browse through the links to see photos from our past field trips to Duluth, MN; Chicago, IL; Minneapolis, MN; and more.


Next Scheduled General Meeting:

Tuesday, October 10th, 2017 - Fisher 101 @ 7:00 PM

Next Major Events:

Railroad Night XIII

4th Annual Rail Day Expo

2015-2016 Academic year
  1. Fall 2015 AREMA National Conference and Railway Interchange, Minneapolis, MN
  2. Fall Field Trip to Loram Facilities- Hamel, MN
  3. 2nd Annual Rail Day Expo 
  4. Railroad Night XI
  5. Rail Info Night 2015
  6. Volunteering at Quincy Mine- Hancock, MI
  7. Spring Field Trip- Canadian National- Homewood, IL

2014-2015 Academic year
  1. Fall 2014 AREMA National Conference, Chicago, Il
  2. 1st Annual Rail Day Expo
  3. 10th Annual Railroad Night
  4. Rail Info Night 2015
  5. Spring 2015 Field Trip to Omaha, Neb

2013-2014 Academic year
2012-2013 Academic Year 
  1. Fall 2012 AREMA National Conference Chicago, IL 
  2. Lake Linden Halloween Train and Haunted House
  3. Fall 2012 Duluth CN Proctor Yard, KrechOjard Facilities, and Ore Docks  
2011-2012 Academic Year 
  1. Fall 2011 LS&I Empire Mine and Ore Docks, Ishpeming, MI
  2. 7th Annual Railroad Night
  3. Spring 2012 EMD Plant, Union Pacific Maintenance Shop / Yard, and  BNSF Intermodal Yard
2010-2011 Academic Year 
  1. Fall 2010 Minneapolis Trip, North Star Commuter Facility and BNSF Northtown Yard 
  2. 6th Annual Railroad Night
2009-2010 Academic Year 
  1. Fall 2009 LS&I, Empire Mine, and Ore Docks, Ishpeming, MI 
  2. 5th Annual Railroad Night
2008-2009 Academic Year 
  1. Fall 2008 LS&I, Empire Mine, and Ore Docks, Ishpeming, MI  
  2. 4th Annual Railroad Night 
  3. Spring 2009 Minneapolis Trip, North Star Commuter Facility and LORAM Headquarters
2007-2008 Academic Year
  1. Fall 2007 LS&I, Empire Mine, and Ore Docks, Ishpeming, MI   
  2. 3rd Annual Railroad Night (2008) 
  3. Rail History Night: Topics: Railroads in North America and the Copper Country
2006-2007 Academic Year
  1. 2nd Annual Railroad Night (2007)
2005-2006 Academic Year
  1. 1st Annual Railroad Night (2006)