Thursday, February 25, 2016

Just A Reminder!

Next week, Tuesday, March 1st, we will be having our March General Business Meeting in Dillman 214 at 7:00PM. We have lots going on at this meeting; Dr. Brad Howard from New York Air Brake will be in to discuss autonomous trains, mechanical engineering practices and research and development at his company. On top of the very interesting presentation, we will be having our annual officer elections, electing the officers that will lead up the club next year. If you have ever considered getting more involved in a student organization, this is a great chance to be a part of a great group! We will be voting during our meeting, so if you are interested in a position, come with a couple reasons as to why you would be a good fit for the position. I have listed the positions below, along with a few of their respective responsibilities. As always, free food and all majors welcome at the meeting! Hope to see you there!

OFFICER POSITIONS (General Descriptions):
- President: Ensure club is retaining/welcoming members, increase club visibility on campus, interact with members, run general business meetings.
- Vice President: Assist President, Plan/Coordinate Rail Day Expo/Rail Night.
- Treasurer: Manage Club's budget, Coordinate food plans for GBM's, work with USG for club funding.
- Secretary: Keep track of club records, record attendance and take meeting minutes.
- Social Chair: Coordinate club events, plan field trips and hotel accommodations.
- Marketing Chair: Design/distribute posters and marketing materials for club events.
- Webmaster: Update club social media platforms (Facebook, blogspot and google calendar).