Saturday, August 30, 2014

Michigan Tech Rail Night is Moving to October!


   Some very exciting changes to Michigan Tech's Rail Night are upon us.  Railroad Night will be moving to October 14th, two weeks after the fall career fair.  By changing the date, we are aiming to remove the hassles of winter travel, making it easier for everyone to attend.


   In addition to the moving of Rail Night, we are introducing the first ever Michigan Tech Rail Day/EXPO.  On the same newly changed date as Rail Night, we will be holding a day packed with events aimed at getting students closer and more familiar with this opportunity-rich industry.  An afternoon cookout, Railroad Equipment/Technology Expo and around-campus displays are just a few of the great things planned for our new Rail Day.  Rail Transportation Program students will presenting their posters as well as research and educational activities on and off campus. Then, after an action-packed day of rail, we will all head over to the 10th annual Railroad Night for a dinner with industry.  There are many exciting things to look forward to over the course of the day, so mark your calendars for October 14th!

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