Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Spring Field Trip Reminder -- Detroit Trip March 28-30th 2014

If you are planning to go on the spring REAC trip David Nelson needs you to add your name to the list at: 

as soon as possible.  If you are planning to go it is critical that you get your name on the list NOW!  If we do not have enough interest in the trip we may have to cancel, so twist some arms if you want to make sure it happens. A refundable deposit of $20 can be delivered to Pam Hannon to reserve your spot for the trip. She is located right next to Pasi's office.

The deadline for sign-ups is March 20th.  The REAC will cover the transportation and lodging costs for the trip.  We will leave on Thursday the 27th, spend the night in the Straights area, and get to Detroit early in the afternoon of the 28th.  We'll spend the night of the 28th in the Detroit area, and then start back towards Houghton on the evening of the 29th.  We should be back in Houghton by early afternoon on Sunday. There will be plenty to see and learn on this trip and the only cost to you is food! All travel and accommodations will be provided.

It looks like it is shaping up to be a great opportunity to see what is happening in the rail world around Detroit.  We have confirmed visits with Conrail, SteelPro (a major steel wharehousing and shipping company, that has on-site rail loading with CSX and NS), and NS railyards and dispatch center.  We expect to confirm visits to the M-1 transit project, and  the accelerated rail facilities in the southern part of the state.  

9th Annual Railroad Night Completed!

Dear Colleagues, 

The Rail Transportation Program (RTP) and the Rail Engineering and Activities Club (REAC) thank you for your participation in our 9th Annual Railroad Night and related Rail Day activities. 

The 9th Annual Railroad Night and related Rail Day activities on February 18th, 2014 created a successful and exciting event. Railroad Night brought together a diverse range of participants including rail industry, students, the community, and Michigan Tech faculty, staff, and administration.  Over 150 participants made for a full house and an exciting evening. The event, sponsored by RTP program partners Norfolk Southern, Union Pacific and CN, drew in 15 industry companies. 
The Rail Transportation Program has been founded on a multi-disciplinary approach and this year’s Railroad Night demonstrated the interest across the university. Students and faculty from a diverse cross section of campus attended the event. Faculty and students from ten departments were represented, as well as the administration, including Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs Max Seel, Board of Control member Paul Ollila, and Vice President for Governmental Relations, Dale Tahtinen.

Railroad Night included poster presentations of rail related faculty and student research, industry sponsor tables, food, door prizes, and special events.  Keynote speaker Lisa Stabler, President of the Transportation Technology Center Inc.(TTCI) of Pueblo, CO, and one of the leading female executives in the industry gave a presentation on rail industry research and outlook from TTCI. Tom Bartlett (EE, 2008), from Union Pacific was awarded an Honorary REAC membership for his contributions to advance the RTP and REAC.  Over 80 students signed up to participate in the event and were provided the opportunity to socialize, network, and dine with industry and faculty. The event this year was a great success and yet another step to strengthen ties between faculty researchers, rail industry representatives, local technology companies, and students from Michigan Tech.
Thank you again for your participation in this important and memorable event and please stay in touch with upcoming RTP and REAC events. 
Please visit our website for photos and follow up information. http://www.rail.mtu.edu/Railroad_Night/index2014.htm

Monday, March 3, 2014

General Meeting/Officer Elections - Tuesday, March 4 in DOW 641 at 7:00PM

Looking for a great opportunity to hone your leadership abilities for future internships/co-ops? 

REAC is looking for determined and motivated individuals that are interested in the rail industry to fill the executive board. The following positions are open:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Treasurer/Secretary
  • Social Chair
  • Webmaster
  • Graphic Design/Markering Chair

We will also have a recap of the 9th Annual Railroad night, have updates on Senior and Enterprise projects, and discuss general business about our upcoming spring trip to Detroit.

There will be  refreshments and sub sandwiches provided at the meeting, and ALL MAJORS are welcomed!






2014-2015 Executive Board Elections:

Tuesday, March 4 in DOW 641    7:00PM

Rail Trip to Detroit - Thursday March 27 -30

There will be a Spring trip down to Detroit to  visit M-1 Rail, Norfolk Southern, Conrail, Michigan HSR Rial, and a steel shipper plant.

We will be departing from Tech on Thursday, March 27 in the evening and returning  on the 30th around noon. Further details regarding the trip and how to sign up will be discussed at the meeting.

Rail Trip to Detroit

March 27-30
Stay Tuned for further information