Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Volunteer at Lake Linden!

All REAC Members,

We have a GREAT OPPORTUNITY for members to volunteer for the Lake Linden Historical Railroad Museum this coming Saturday, October 20th. It would be wise to consider this as a chance to have fun and experience the wide variety of events REAC and the Railroad Transportation Group provide for students interested in railroad at Tech. I strongly suggest that newer members participate and take advantage of the older/experienced members (who will be attending) in finding out more about upcoming events and their personal experience with the club. Again, the opportunities provided in REAC are unparalleled when it comes to exposing students to the railroad industry, and participating in events like the Halloween volunteering with a local museum is a great way to being/continue membership.

The museum is looking for students to assist in conducting the train, selling refreshments/food, helping people on and off of the train, and possibly working as actors who scare the kids. Fun right? If you are intersted in being one of the actors you may bring costumes if you want, but I'm sure the museum will have something for us to use. Also there will be other things to help around the museum, but remember, its a great chance to get involved with a great club.

There will be two sessions. For children, the Halloween train is running from 2pm-5pm, and for adults, it will be running from 7pm-10pm. You can sign up for one or both. If transporation is an issue please contact me at 810-247-4284 or email at mjpurves@mtu.edu, or any other the officers and we will discuss a means of getting youthere. The museum is located in Lake Linden right as you enter the city limits on the lakeside of the highway.


If any other questions or concerns arise please let me know!


REAC Treasurer