Friday, April 13, 2012

Welcome Fall 2012 Officers!

Officers for the Fall 2012 Semester have been appointed! See below the list of new officers. We are proud to announce three new members as well as a our new president, Dylan Anderson. We look forward to building REAC in the coming year.

President, Dylan Anderson, Civil Engineering

Vice President, Kyle Peping, Civil Engineering

Secretary / Treasurer,
Matt Purves, Civil Engineering

Secretary / Treasurer,
Ellen Englund, Civil Engineering

Social Chair,
Mike Larson, Mechanical Engineering

Advertising Chair,
Eric Goers, Civil Engineering

Graphics Chair,
Nathan Schilling, Civil Engineering

Website Chair,
Chris Blessing, Civil Engineering

As one can see, most of the officers are Civil Engineering majors. One of our goals for the upcoming year is to broaden enrollment in REAC to include more Mechanical Engineers, Electrical Engineers, Environmental Engineers, Business Majors, and Computer Engineers. The railroad industry requires all sorts of components to operate. This includes signaling (Electrical), engines (Mechanical), computer database systems (Computer), and others. So please do not hesitate to join!